Cookies Is So Popular, But Can You Find Out Where Is The Fake One?

  When the special occasions come just like Christmas or New Year, people always come to celebrate this memorable moment with the loved one or family members. To create the more enjoyable atmosphere, they always bring some snacks to serve and one of the most favorite snacks is the popular Danish biscuits. As you and your friend enjoy the time with this delicious cookies, you will feel the warmth of togetherness.

                Talking about tradition, most people in Denmark tend to serve the popular Danish biscuits during the teatime as snacks since the special taste of this cookie is perfectly served with the hot tea. The delicious, crispy and full-of-butter flavor cookies are always served with the traditional rice puddings during the Christmas. To surprise you, as you open the Royal Dansk blue tin, you will find out various flavors and shapes such as Danish pretzels, Finnish bread, cinnamon cakes and vanilla wreaths.

                If you think that you want to make the seasonal gifts in the form of popular Danish biscuits, you can make your own because the selected and finest ingredients can be easily found in the store. Here, you just need some sugars, flours and butter. All those ingredients are mixed together until it turns out to be sticky and soft dough. With the help of piping bag, you can create the Danish cookies. Sounds easy, right? You can prepare those easy-to-make cookies when New Year or Christmas is approaching to your life.

                When you intend to make the popular Danish biscuits, you can use the margarine or vegetable oil as substitute. But, you need to know that the quality of the butter greatly affects to the taste. Do not add too many eggs, since it makes your cookies taste hard. Besides, do not substitute the icing sugar with the granulated one because it results in wet cookies. If you fail to find vanilla extract, you can substitute with vanilla bean. As you follow the guidance above, you can produce the popular Danish biscuits.